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TikTok Slime


This is an hour-long continuous mix where I’m messing around w/ various Tiktok meme tracks

Tracks used in order:

Synthwave Goose “Blade Runner 2049”
Home “Resonance”
Bladee “Be Nice 2 Me” w/ Ice Spice “Munch”
Mo Beats “Righteous” w/ Playboi Carti “Kid Cudi”
Mai Yamane “Tasogare”
Starjunk 95 “Stardust Circuit”
Humming Urban Stereo “Banana Shake”
Psychoangel “Cryosphere”
DJ Heartstrings “Met Her at Bareneck”
Trippie Redd feat. Playboi Carti “I Miss the Rage”
Pharmacist “Overdose”
Tomsize & Simeon “Jump”
PlayaPhonk “Keraunos”
Lil Uzi Vert “Just Wanna Rock”
Trevaspura “Smoked Out Phonk”
Freaky T “Life We Live”
Hidden Agenda “The Sun”
CZ “BB Got Me”
Omnipony “Refract (Sewerslvt Remix)”
Deathbrain “My Room Is Upside Down”
Baltra “Never Let Go (Of Me)”
Skepta x Mall Grab “Liverpool Street In The Rain”
Magdalena Bay “Hideaway”
Naked Flames “Pan Matsuri”
Iota “Catch Eyes”
Eliza Rose “B.O.T.A.”
Lil Uzi Vert “Watch This” w/ Daniel Avery “Chaos Energy”
Pink Pantheress & Ice Spice “Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2”
Pink Pantheress & Ice Spice “Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2 (Never Dull Remix)”
Monolake “Static”
Round Table feat. Nino “Let Me Be With You”
Armani White feat. Denzel Curry “Goated”
Yakiisenpaii “Super Hit Broz”
Xxtarlite “Fleeting Frozen Heart”
Piri & Tommy “On & On”
Sewerslvt “Was It Weird I Listened To I’m God By Clams Casino…”
Oooz “Cloud Zone”
Porter Robinson “Get Your Wish (Sewerslvt Remix)”
Blksmiith “SR20DET”
Tokyopill “Metadata”
Tokyopill “Let’s All Love Lain”

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