Podcast #24: Nuclear Drum N’ Bass Apocalypse


In this episode I consider the impending nuclear holocaust

show topics: nuclear war, MREs, more bunker talk, sonic the hedgehog 2

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Podcast #23: Enter The Top-40 Zone [1990]


In this episode I count down the top 25 singles of 1990

show topics: new jack swing, divorce, Wilson Phillips, Phil Collins, etc

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Cool TV ~ Volume 3


Rare 80s & 90s TV Theme mix! volume 3!


HBO Feature Presentation
Kate & Allie (synth mix)
As The World Turns 80s
Perfect Strangers (synth mix)
Guiding Light 80s (synth mix)
Another World 80s Closing
Bronx Zoo Alternate
Boy Meets World
All My Children 80s (synth mix)
All My Children 90s
Family Man
As The World Turns 80s Alternate
Going Places Closing
Just In Time
Report To Murphy

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Podcast #22: Party In The USA


Ladies and gentlemen: we lost Macy’s

show topics: the king of prussia mall, looting, martial law, $2.4 million rolex

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1987 Virtual BBQ Experience

Thrill to the sounds of children playing frisbee while their parents grill and drink beer at a 1987 suburban block party in this Virtual Audio Experience™.

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Podcast #20: Bunker Talk



show topics: bunkers, preppers, societal collapse

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Cool TV ~ Volume 2

COOL TV ~ Volume 2

TV theme song custom edits, remixes etc


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Podcast #19: Behind The Music – W. G. Snuffy Walden


In this episode I pay tribute to TV composer W. G. Snuffy Walden, for reasons that are still unclear to me

show topics: w. g. snuffy walden, winnie cooper, west wing

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Don’t Waste The Night


Legacy – “Don’t Waste The Night”
Endgames – “Ecstasy”
Onyeka – “African Woman”
John Maus – “Touchdown”
Kano – “Can’t Hold Back”
Valerie Mairesse – “Bombe Anatomique”
Krystal Davis – “So Smooth”
Claudette Polite – “I’ll Come When You Call”
Isabel Roberts – “Love Situation”
Mitch Murder – “Refresh”
Cheryl Lynn – “Got To Be Real”
Depeche Mode – “Policy Of Truth”
Advance – “Take Me To The Top”
Lio – “Sage Comme Une Image”
Freda Payne – “In Motion”
My Mine – “Hypnotic Tango”
Thelma Houston – “Fantasy And Heartbreak”
John Maus – “Outer Space”
John Maus – “Rights For Gays”
An-Ten-Nae – “Lean And Go”
Rich Boy – “Throw Some D’s”
Playboi Carti – “Choppa Won’t Miss”


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