Podcast #24: Nuclear Drum N’ Bass Apocalypse


In this episode I consider the impending nuclear holocaust

show topics: nuclear war, MREs, more bunker talk, sonic the hedgehog 2

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Podcast #17: Sicko Whiskey


In this episode I drink the slipknot whiskey

topics discussed: tortilla man, slipknot, werner herzog, spoken word poetry, andrew yang

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Podcast #16: Boomer Mindset


In this episode I achieve a very powerful boomer mindset

topics discussed: business school for children, artificial intelligence, marianne williamson, the beatles

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Podcast #15: Nu-Metal Coffee


In this episode I ingest the Korn coffee live on air ?

topics discussed: powerman 5000, the guy from staind, the bass player from korn, goth daughters

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Cool TV Megamix

Continuous DJ mix of good and cool TV theme songs

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Feed The World

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Podcast #13: A People’s History of Crazy Frog

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Progressive Trap House

This Town is Doomed, 2018

1. Three 6 Mafia x Stan Arwell x Ryo Nakamura – “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”
2. Cardi B feat. Migos x Verest & Joe Lyons – “Drip”
3. Juicy J feat. Lil Wayne x Johan Vilborg – “Bandz”
4. Three 6 Mafia x Audien – “Black & Yellow / Stay High”

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Italian Wooder Ice Megamix

Italian Wooder Ice

tracks played roughly in this order:

Cyber People – “Void Vision”
Fantasy – “He’s Number One”
Michael Fortunati – “Give Me Up”
Righiera – “Vamos A La Playa”
Fun Fun – “Bolero”
Sabrina – “Boys (Summertime Love)”
Madonna – “Causing A Commotion”
Envotion – “Gravitate”
Clio – “Eyes”
Eddy Huntington – “U.S.S.R.”
Joe Yellow – “I’m Your Lover”
P. Lion – “Dream”

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