New Records Roundup: 1/17

YOU SPEAK WHAT I FEEL – My Good Friends Tell Me That [Boomkat, 2017]

SND and Terre Thaemlitz have joined forces and the results sound like you might imagine: very SND synth and drum sounds, arranged into Deep House patterns. It’s a limited edition single-sided 12″ which technically costs $1 per minute of audio — and yet, it’s still worth picking up if you’re a fan of this stuff.

SAM KIDEL – Disruptive Muzak [Death of Rave, 2016]

This conceptual work pairs sparse ambient compositions with actual phone recordings of live UK call center employees — who are apparently listening to the music along with us.  It’s like a Brian Eno prank call record!

Initially novel and amusing, over time this begins to feel weirdly alienating  — like the voices are calling out to us from beyond the void.  Spooky!

ALEKSI PERALA – The Colundi Sequence Volume I [Clone, 2016]

A thoroughly solid record from a Finnish Rephlex vet, with a decidedly Aphex-ish vibe — though many tracks also have a minimalist Plastikman techno feel.  This might work as a sort of crossover record for IDM fans who tend to dislike most 4×4 techno?

In any case, this thing is loaded with nostalgic Bogdan Raczynski synth lines and the opening track has Mario Kart whistles: